Supporting young families as they grow

At Northern Family Osteopathy, we understand the importance of the early years on growth and development and future health as an adult. Our mission is to support and educate young families as they grow from bump to baby and beyond.

Osteopaths assess for and assist in the management of a wide range of common musculoskeletal conditions and complaints. Osteopathic care combines hands-on treatment with movement and lifestyle advice, exercise prescription, and education and advice to help you manage your condition between appointments. Osteopaths work in association with other medical and allied health professionals, and will organise referrals to other health professionals as required.

Located in the vibrant Eltham town centre, we offer osteopathic care in the focus areas of pregnancy, babies and children of all ages. We also offer osteopathic care with a focus on supporting families with complex breastfeeding challenges. With recognition as an Advanced Paediatric Osteopath, you can trust that we have extensive clinical education in paediatrics and have peace of mind knowing we have additional clinical skills in paediatric musculoskeletal assessment and management.

Dr Emily Jones (Osteopath) is one of the first osteopaths in Australia to be awarded the title of Advanced Paediatric Osteopath. Recognition demonstrates that Emily has met the professional standards required to make an enhanced contribution to managing paediatric patients of all ages and clinical issues related to the advanced scope.

Osteopathy Australia recognises members with clinical skills beyond the general osteopathic scope of practice in a focus area. These members have expanded and advanced their scope of practice and possess many assessment, diagnostic and clinical intervention skills in common with other health professionals with an advanced scope of practice. Read more about advanced practice here.