Dr Emily Jones (osteopath) offers a unique perspective in supporting families with complex breastfeeding issues. Drawing on knowledge and experience as both an osteopath and IBCLC, and her personal experience through breastfeeding difficulties faced with both her daughters, Emily understands how challenging this time can be for some families.

Osteopaths with a focus on breastfeeding issues consider both mother and baby. An assessment for the newborn or infant may involve screening to review progress in meeting movement, coordination, activity, musculoskeletal or developmental milestones expected by an age or stage. For mother–baby dyads experiencing biomechanical sucking difficulties, examination may also include assessment of the suck, swallow, breathing and tongue function of the baby.

Osteopaths with a focus on breastfeeding issues offer a range of clinical services. This may include developmentally appropriate manual therapy treatments for both mother and baby, advice on breastfeeding positioning and attachment, and education on how to position or assist a baby in movement and activities for skill development.

Osteopaths with a focus on breastfeeding issues work in association with other health professionals, including lactation consultants, medical practitioners, paediatricians, maternal and child health nurses, paediatric dentists and speech pathologists. They may organise referrals to other health professionals in supporting mother and baby.