Osteopathy For Pregnancy & Post-Birth

Osteopathy For Pregnancy & Post-Birth Care

Here at Northern Family Osteopathy Eltham, we are dedicated to helping mums during pregnancy and after birth. We see pregnant and post-natal women for musculoskeletal care, movement concerns and postural issues as they adapt to ongoing changes in the body and physical demands of motherhood.

osteopathy for pregnant and post-natal women in Eltham

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What We're Looking For

Emily will examine for postural and mechanical changes associated with pregnancy and beyond. This may include assessment of conditions such as low back and pelvic girdle pain, neck and shoulder pain, headaches and wrist pain. This may also include screening for issues such as pelvic floor dysfunction and abdominal separation (diastasis recti).

Osteopathy For Pregnancy & Beyond

Northern Family Osteopathy offer a range of clinical services to manage conditions or issues associated with motherhood.

This may include appropriate manual therapy treatments, postural advice during pregnancy and when caring for your child, and education and advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, keeping active during pregnancy and safe return to exercise after birth.

We Work With Other Professionals

To ensure you and your child get the best care, we work in association with other health professionals, including medical practitioners, women’s health physiotherapists, midwifes and personal trainers. This may include referral to other health professionals in helping support women during this time.

Dr Emily Jones Osteopath Registered Advanced Paediatric Osteopath (Tertiary) With Osteopathy Australia
Dr Emily Jones Osteopath Registered IBCLC
Dr Emily Jones Osteopath Registered Advanced Paediatric Osteopath (Tertiary) With AHPRA
Dr Emily Jones Osteopath Registered Advanced Paediatric Osteopath (Tertiary) With AHPRA

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